A crafty handmade update #BEDM

Almost two years ago, I blogged about Making my own happiness – a blog post is here. It was a post done to part reassure myself that I’m not failing at life, part to help people and reassure them that they’re not failing at life, and part to show off my crafty wares.


Crafting is a big part of my life – often it comes in tiny bundles, fitting neatly into my handbag (although I should be fair and admit that my craft supplies are instead taking over my home…) but the act of making something, with my hands, is one of my favourite things. Even better if I can make things for the people I love.

So I wanted to show a few snaps of things I’ve been making over the past few months. On the plus side – lots of pretty projects. On the downside – I only have iPhone photos of most things, and not many photos of finished articles. Lesson learnt.


In October, when Tao and I went to Oslo (blogged ) and I promised I’d knit him a scarf in less than a week (on top of working full time at the time). The above is a snap from December of us both wearing handmade scarves – his was a rushed little thing, and was made quickly; mine was a Christmas gift from my own crafty mama.

Since then, Tao and I have had a long-running scarf joke, so over my Christmas holiday, I made him two more – I only have a photo of the in-progress blue scarf, but it was a huge success.


(Also, backdrop for that scarf photo – bonus photobombing by a beautiful tile I got for Christmas – again, from my crafty mama!)



The next two recent makes were a pair of mandalas – a mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the Universe, in Hinduism and Buddhism. They weren’t made for any real spiritual reason, more-so because I thought they were rather beautiful. They were a Christmas present for my mama.



Bonus photo of the crochet Toad (of Mario fame) blanket I made for Tao – I’ve blogged the finished article, but the first photo is is a work-in-progress pic.

As I mentioned above, part of my love of crafting is that my projects tend to be quite small and portable. The Toad blanket was made up of hundreds of crochet granny squares – which in themselves are small and handbag-friendly. I was able to crochet anywhere and everywhere I went – until it came to stitching it together. I stitched it together in rows, before stitching each row together. I then added the blue sky and green grass corners. I love it – and it’s 7.30am here and Tao is currently napping underneath the blanket, so I’m going to speak for him and say he loves it too.


This little beauty was the beginning of a scarf for Tao’s mum, for her birthday. Tao and I picked out the most beautiful yarn, seriously good quality. I finished the scarf in good time – and then promptly got a really awful cold on the weekend of her birthday, so I couldn’t go over to see her – but I’m told it was well received.



And finally this little lady in progress is my current cross stitch project. It’s almost finished, and it’s been a super soothing craft to work on.

My cross stitch (or whatever I’m crafting at the time!), my boyfriend, and some food = ultimate happiness.